Arden & Newton to host StrawberryFrog’s Dan Langlitz, Chris Ogunlowo in Movement Marketing Webinar.

From Me Too, Black Lives Matter, bubbly Fitness communities, to climate, sustainability, and green consciousness, the world as we know it today is constantly being reshaped by cultural and social movements, these movements are stirred by new thinking and world views held by audiences and define how these audiences engage with brands. Consumers now increasingly disconnect with brands on the basis of divergent values and brands are constantly amiss on exactly how to connect with or lead the new zeitgeist.

The ability for brands and marketers to not only align but tap into rising ideas to create brand-fueled cultural movements has been a constant thought on the minds of many agency strategists.

About 2 decades ago, StrawberryFrog, the world’s first movement marketing agency invented the concept of movement marketing, a human-centric approach to changing things in the peer to peer world that uses the principles of social movements to mobilize consumers. The model helps brands reorder what is a priority in their marketing strategy; Instead of being about persuading people to believe something, it is about understanding & tapping into what they already believe, Instead of being about “the individual” it is about the group, Instead of being about selling, it is about sharing.

In this first edition of Arden & Newton’s CascadesQuarterly, our thought leadership strategy conversation with global thinkers in brand management and marketing, we’d host Dan Langlitz, global account director, StrawberryFrog, and Chris Ogunlowo, creative director of Nigeria’s SO&U in a riveting conversation on movement marketing with practical lessons from around the world for brands and marketers.

Dan Langlitz and Chris Ogunlowo

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