A global campaign for finance & investment professionals.

How do you localize in Nigeria, a global campaign targeting finance & investment professionals? Can a marketing campaign address gaps in trust and integrity in the financial industry?


In January 2018, the CFA Institute’s global office launched a campaign and call-to-arms designed to broaden awareness of the CFA charter and reinforce values that CFA charter holders bring to investment industry employers, including asset managers and asset owners, banks and brokerages, corporations and high-net-worth individuals. Driving the three-year global brand campaign is a need to earn investor trust and assuage residual fallouts of the now decade-old global financial crisis.

CFA Institute Nigeria approached  Arden & Newton to bring its unique approach to storytelling and campaign development in localizing the campaign in Nigeria, keying into the global campaign.


Our Solution

Arden & Newton designed an elaborate content marketing communications strategy that sought to use the front-liners in the financial services industry in a series of branded films built around the lives of these finance professionals and executives.  Our selection is made up of 10 carefully selected top-rated Bank CEOs, the deputy governor of Nigeria’s Apex bank and investment managers.

We utilized the short films as engagement content for the campaign’s digital marketing, targeting financial services professionals and investors as well.


Click here to watch more of the campaign videos


Designed campaign materials before production (animated), to be placed on digital billboards around the city.

Animated designed materials placed on digital billboards at strategic locations around the city.


Displayed google ads of designed campaign materials across websites.

Designed campaign materials before placement (animated), to be displayed as google ads.

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