Brand Strategy for Nigeria’s only private banking as a service brand.

Sankore Investments is a wealth management firm that runs Nigeria’s only “Private Banking as a Service” platform offering investment strategy, products, advice, and technology to the clients of Private Banks.

As the company looks to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020, We were tasked with developing a detailed brand strategy for Sankore targeted at positioning the company for the next decade as it eyed a big expansion move.

Our Solution

At the discovery phase, we conducted an extensive internal brand audit, engaging different teams: from the CEO to Legal, Product development, technology teams, Project Management, and HR. Insights from this process helped us develop a corporate brand archetype, clarify and shape a bold brand vision, positioning strategy, voice, and messaging strategy. A detailed brand book that captures all of this and serves as a roadmap was produced to help internal communications and product teams.


Detailed Brand Strategy Document and Brand Guidelines


To help the brand cement its thought leadership and market position, we designed a broad content marketing strategy, part of which was the production of a premium wealth management, lifestyle and luxury living magazine, produced and distributed to affluent and influential Nigerians. With its content and editorial strategy built around the core interests of the target audience (HNIs) as a way of sustaining continuous interest and access.

Crafting the magazine layout using the golden ratio

Layout Typography

The Layout

Editorial Design For Sankore

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