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About Us

Arden & Newton is an Africa focused, strategy-driven, branding agency, and marketing communications consultancy betting big on the future of African brands and markets.

Our mission is to help African organizations seamlessly design and execute brand-driven growth strategies and open up new horizons for their ambition.

Working with our 3-tier client types which include Companies(Products), Countries(Places), and Causes(People), we proffer solutions across both traditional and digital media spectrum helping our clients create meaning, engage their audiences creatively, adapt and respond to competitor innovations, changes in customer wants and needs. These we deliver by focusing on research, design, innovation and connected experiences.

What’s in a name?

We exist for a higher purpose that transcends profit. We are ardent (Arden) believers in the transformative power of ideas to move (Newton’s law) people, places and products for good. This is our corporate purpose and philosophy, and on this our name was crafted.

Arden & Newton | Branding & Communications Agency in Africa

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