The African story that seemed left behind, but now accelerated by smart financing. How can we use creative storytelling and communication to modernize and drive up the reputation of an ambitious investment banking operating out of Africa? Re-branding and positioning an ambitious investment bank for Africa-wide domination.




Seven years after its birthing in Lagos, Nigeria, the company was looking to rebrand and position itself firmly as an industry leader in Nigeria and a continental player in driving up investments and development on the continent. Arden & Newton worked with the client over several months to fine-tune its corporate narrative, employee brand engagement and acculturation, new corporate imagery, brand launch and entire communications architecture across both traditional and digital channels. We went a step forward in driving up the firm’s reputation management strategy by facilitating speaker opportunities at global events happening in critical financial and policy centers around the world.



A remodeled digital platform to typify corporate culture, people, prowess, aspirations, and commitment to Africa's development. Refreshed. Brilliant. Insightful


Social media activities for Eczellon Capital propelled organic growth, made possible by the continuous content to build thought leadership in the digital space for finance and the new economic development in Africa.



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How do you localize in Nigeria, a global campaign targeting finance & investment professionals? How do you use a campaign to address gaps in trust and integrity in the financial industry?

CFA Institute believes that the purpose of finance is to lay the foundation for the ultimate benefit of society.

It isn’t enough to talk about a better world for investors — we need to take actual steps to build it. As investment management professionals, Let's Measure Up.


In January 2018, the CFA Institute's global office launched a campaign and call-to-arms designed to broaden awareness of the CFA charter and reinforce values that CFA charter holders bring to investment industry employers, including asset managers and asset owners, banks and brokerages, corporations and high-net worth individuals. Driving the three-year global brand campaign is a need to earn investor trust and assuage residual fallouts of the now decade-old global financial crisis.

CFA Institute Nigeria approached  Arden & Newton to bring its unique approach to story telling and campaign development in localizing the campaign in Nigeria, keying into the global campaign




Arden & Newton designed an elaborate content marketing communications strategy that sought to use the frontliners in the financial services industry in a series of branded films built around the lives of these finance professionals and executives.  Our selection is made up of 10 carefully selected top-rated Bank CEOs, the deputy governor of Nigeria’s Apex bank and investment managers.

We utilized the short films as engagement content for the campaign’s digital marketing, targeting financial services professionals and investors as well.


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About the TheNerve

TheNerve Africa is an Africa focused growth information and digital news service that provides multi-perspective, broad, smart, engaging and mobile friendly content covering the new economy, business and innovation in continental Africa to the rest of the world.

Our Work

Arden and Newton handled the strategy, research and development which culminated into what will pass for Africa's best designed news and content website. Designed to be elegant and targeted at a premium business audience. Post launch, our continued work with the publication helped turn the digital publication into one of Africa's fastest growing digital magazines. Within the first few months, it averaged a monthly unique readership of 500,000 generating over 3,000,000 monthly page views and a growing subscriber base of over 50,000 high networth corporate professionals.



User Experience Design

Clean, bespoke layout devoid of clutter and banner advertising designed to appeal to a premium audience.


Custom Ad Server Technology

Arden and Newton developed a custom Ad server technology that enables manage its ad inventory. Ads on the Nerve are different and unique from what is obtainable online, designed as full width and inter-article with video fully enabled.


Viral Content Partnerships

Every once in a while, Arden and newton helps TheNerve with content strategy and creatives that help the site break through the clutter of competing content websites.






TheNerve 2.0

Arden and Newton strategically designed and deployed TheNerve Africa's next phase/growth strategy. We designed a sub website to serve as an events marketplace for industry leading events and conferences.


TheNerve's Flagship Event

Arden and Newton researched, developed and managed every aspect of TheNerve Africa's flagship event. Our work included content strategy, speaker research and full event planning and hosting.



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