Metro Taxi is a known brand in the Urban transport service targeting both individual and corporate organizations in Lagos, Nigeria. Arden and Newton was contracted for a brand refresh which entails the conceptualization of a new brand identity, brand strategy, and marketing communications design, driver training and brand acculturation for staff.


logo conceptualization

A dynamic brand identity influenced by the attributes of a cosmopolitan (urban) city space. The new metro taxi brand identity reflects the best possible expression of a metropolitan lifestyle, pop-culture art, food and destination experience. We looked at the features of a typical metropolitan city to get inspiration from shapes, patterns, texture and lifestyle experiences, Road Networks, fashion, Art/Photography, food, car features, Travel and cuisine etc helped us birth a fresh new identity for the Brand.


New identity must reflect the beauty and color, motion and fast pace with which an urban space evolves.









Interaction design for mobile

the flowmobile continuation