Deconstructing our name, our new logo & aspirations for the future

It’s been six years already and this will be the first time we will be publicly telling the story behind our name & visual identity. Not like there’s any secret or rocket science behind it, we’ve just not had the opportunity. Also, this will be our first attempt at brand refresh and it means quite a lot to us.

In 2010, we set out to build an iconic brand experience and design firm, we were small but with great ambition and fervor. We needed a name that was deeply meaningful to us, a name that reflected our ambition and every time there was a mention of that name, it should remind us of our purpose and why we exist. Our name was designed to be our compass and the philosophical wheel that drives every things we do; our creative process, execution strategy, interaction with new clients, new ideas and how we recruit new team members.


We get asked this question 4 out of every 5 times we meet a new client. Arden is nobody, Newton is nobody. The name Arden & Newton represents an idea and a corporate philosophy. We couldn’t come up with a company name until we were able to define and craft what will pass for a belief or corporate philosophy for ourselves, the period and process almost began to appear like a spiritual sojourn, we knew we had to get it right at any cost. We eventually had the idea and stated it boldly:

We want to build a brand that’s passionate about ideas and how ideas can transform ‘People’, ‘Places’ and ‘Processes’.


We needed a way to capture this one liner into our name and the kind of activities we engage in so we set out in a strategy session to conceptualize a name by creating word maps and playing around with ideas that jumped at us in the process. Here was our selected thought:

Arden & Newton naming-strategy

This story here, is why we’ve been involved in certain projects and social activities that are either development focused, nation building, destination promotion or the depth of thought we put into any process or project we’re engaged in. We’d let the picture above do the rest of the talking so we can move on swiftly to our next line of thought.




Starting out in 2010, we had crested on ourselves the tag “The brand expression consultancy for Africa”. That was the big picture but not the reality we were ready and prepared for. In 2015, five years after, we began moves to not only go continental but become a global player. We began making incursion into East & West Africa with focus on countries like Rwanda, Kenya & Ghana. This new move was the foundation of our new identity; to reflect our current strategy and future aspirations.

Below we present a little behind the scenes process of how we story-crafted our new identity.


brand identity mood-board
“we put together a combination of images that best convey the essence of the brand identity we’re about to create”

Brand identity creation process

brand identity mood-board


Brand Identity strategy

Arden & Newton Logo


Branding icons



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